sphereImagine a world where your car left water as only waste!

With Gastores MacroSpheres it’s not only possible, it’s a Reality!

CEO / Jonas Flädjemark



Gas storage of today has had its present form for more than hundred years: Storage in cylindrical vessels. This old-fashioned way of storing can closest be pictured as a non-electrical type-writer compared to the computers of today. Cylindrical composite-vessels may reach the level of an electrical type-writer. The company and type-writer producer Facit expected the market for computers to be pretty small, no more than three-four, maybe five would be needed, and they would serve the whole world. We all know how that story ended.

Gastores invention MacroSpheres is born out of the space industry. The Inventor Professor Lars Stenmark have more than 45 years of experience from the space business. Lars Stenmark is a Professor in Micro and Nano Technologies for Space applications. Gastore brings back the space technology to Earth!

Writing Storage
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